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Give me your numbers, facts & figures, bits & bytes and I'll put them through my magic filter and spin them into a golden story. Where you see data - I see a living, breathing, captivating story with the potential to drive people to action. And that's what storytelling is all about - not showing how good you are rather how great you can make them!

For over a decade I've roamed the globe working with Fortune 500 companies, Startups and Venture Capitalists in a wide variety of industries. I've consulted and trained clients in over 30 countries, helping them create, edit and deliver presentations, pitches and messages that sing. Through my guidance clients have raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

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My Services

I hear from startups that they spend anywhere from 40-400 hours on investor materials. Don’t you have better things to do with your time? In about 2 hours - let me give you the perfect pitch!

The Investor Pitch Deck
The outline, flow, content and even your script for the ultimate investor pitch
The One Pager (ES)
Pique their interest before they even meet you - the page that gets you the Investor meeting
The Quick-Pitch
Be prepared to pitch whether standing online to get coffee, in a Demo Day or competition - 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes - be ready for them all!
The Show
Have a great story? Now let’s get you to shine. Whether it’s an investor meeting, a speech at a conference or a TED talk, become the speaker you’ve always dreamed of being.
The Product Film
The perfect 1 minute script that gets you noticed. I work with some of the best animators and together we’ll get you looking your best
The Applications
Applying to accelerators, incubators, competitions or conferences and struggling with the “120 character limit?” and what to say? Let me say it for you...
Web and App Content
Grab your customer's’ attention with copy that’s clever and compelling, on your site and/or in your app
The LinkedIn
One of the first placed people will look for you today is on Linkedin. Does your bio make you stand out or just state the facts? Let’s get your LinkedIn Profile linked up
The Sales/Partner Pitch
You’re funded! Time to grow and get your initial customers/partners onboard
Your Story
Have a story to tell? Dream of speaking at conferences, giving workshops, being on stage and inspiring millions? Let me help you tell your story

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Clients Say
Ohad Rozen, Co-Founder & CEO at Toonimo
We were preparing a presentation for our first funding round, and turned to Donna to make the presentation awesome. Donna, with her special skills, helped us turn this technical presentation into an emotional story that eventually led to a 7 digit investment in our company.
Omri Moran, CEO, Kitlocate (acquired by Yandex)
I've worked with Donna a couple of times. Most of them were before important presentations I gave. One of the events was MasterCard's mobile payment innovation competition which included a 5 minutes pitch. Prior to the event I pitched to Donna. Right after my pitch, she presented to me a few sentences I said, the way she thought it should have been said - I was stunned. I immediately realized she is a true expert and worked hard on implementing her tips. We won the competition. I'm sure part of it relates to the skills Donna taught me.
Roy Oron,CEO (Global) at SOSA
You've founded a great company, you believe you've found the next big thing. This is all great, but if you don't tell your story in the most effective way - you'll get lost in the crowd. This is how I got to know Donna. Donna is an awesome Corporate Storyteller. Donna helps our portfolio companies put their vision into a crisp story. Great partner to work with, and I highly recommended mainly for first-timers and early start-ups.
Gil Canaani, Venture Capital Investor
Donna Griffit plays a key role in the startup eco-system. Thanks to her talent and dedication, she's been transforming the presentation skills of the entrepreneurs. Her work and finger print are evident in almost every demo day or startup pitch event. We were fortunate to have Donna work with us on The Pitch 2014 startup competition, that is part of the prestigious JOURNEY conference led by E&Y. Experiencing her talent and wisdom, helping the 24 semi-finalists and 7 finalists prepare their 5 minute pitches and thanks to Donna take them to perfection.
Yair Almagor, CMO & BD Officer, Revuze
We hired Donna to work with us on every aspect of our company's messaging and marketing materials. Donna, is a true professional with the highest work standards. Donna provides exceptionally good results with such high efficiency. Donna is very personable and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Donna for any type of messaging, presentation or preparation for investors/customer meetings.
Rami Cohen, MD, Founder, Telesofia Medical
Donna is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. She distilled our messages into a compiling story and than narrated it. An example project here:
Jenny Drezin, Founder at Sidekix
Donna is a natural born story teller with an intuitive sense of how to create interest and intrigue. Her insights take start ups to the "next level" in creating a flawless pitch.
Kimberly Gandy, M.D. Founder, CEO, Play-it Health
Donna has the ability to distill a company's essence and guide the presentation of this perception into captivating, communicative pitches. Her approach is targeted, efficient, and cost-effective. We received great benefit from her services.
Tal Bakish, CEO at VocalZoom
I've worked with Donna on my presentation skills and it was an amazing experience which I plan to repeat. She is focused, sensitive to the small details that makes the difference, easy to understand, and has well defined methodology to solve the issues. Apart from that Donna has vast experience and she is familiar with the industry atmosphere and requirements. Working with people with great personality is always the best and Donna has exactly that.
Shelly Hod Moyal, iAngels Founding Partner
Sometimes you meet people which are simply outstanding at what they do. My partner and I came to Donna last minute and literally had 2 hours to build a story, plan a presentation and rehearse. Admittedly, we were skeptical as to the progress we would be able to make in such a short time frame. Donna demonstrated not only that this is possible but also enjoyable! Donna’s ability to understand a situation and translate it into a story that is interesting, engaging and to the point is truly inspiring.
Patricia Lahy, Dir., TheHive Startup Accelerator
I thought that after working many years for Disney I had nothing to learn anymore about Storytelling. Donna has proved me wrong! I have been working with Donna on leveraging the presentation skills of several batches of start-ups at TheHive now and the changes and progress achieved by the entrepreneurs speak for themselves. Donna keeps amazing me with her energy, professionalism and creativity
Pavlos-Petros Tournaris, Developer, Vanderbox
Donna has mentored me in Google Launchpad Athens 2013 and taught me and my team how to properly pitch our Start-Up idea! Her inspirational words, were very teaching, throughout the event and also for the rest of our efforts in the Tech field! It was a sheer pleasure to work with Donna Griffit and I’m certain that she will be an asset to any business lucky enough to cooperate with her!
Rebecca Rachmany, CEO, Gangly Sister
Donna is an absolute professional with the ability to take people from zero to hero rapidly. Working with her is guaranteed to make you fabulous in any presentation environment. She's also just a lovely person, and cares deeply about her customers and the people she mentors. I've seen her work with people who were as interesting as a boiled potato and within a few weeks, watch them become captivating on stage.
Nikki Ralston, VP Marketing at Zirra
Donna is a true master of messaging and pitch. It was amazing to see how in just a few hours she helped our senior management and sales team hone our corporate message and step up our presentation skills. I highly recommend Donna to companies that know they have a wonderful product or service but feel they need help telling the story in a clear, compelling way. I'm looking forward to working with her again.
Eli Ken-Dror, CEO & Co-Founder at Vicomi
I had the privilege of working with someone as professional as Donna. Using her professional work we were able to leverage our business to a new level. She is talented, understands faster than any other person I worked with and has valuable insights and experience. I think its mandatory for every entrepreneur to work with her.
Noemie Alliel, Cofounder & CEO @WeKast
Donna, aka, the "pitch fairy" is our go to mentor and lecturer when it comes to improving the pitch of the startups participating in theHive accelerator program. She coached the entrepreneurs one-on-one and prepare them for their demo day. She has an innate ability to breakdown complex information and repackage it into a simple and clear message.
Eran Balter, Co-CEO & Co-Founder @ sPARK
Actually, it would have been great if Donna could help me in writing this recommendation, but guess I'm on my own :-) Donna helped us write business materials in a marketing-oriented language as preparation for sPARK demonstration in the MWC2014 conference. Her writing style is very clear and catchy, and she works pretty fast, resulting in work that could fit our small budget. I highly recommend Donna and would be happy to work with her again in the future
Danny Hadar, Venture Partner at Peregrine Ventures
Donna did a great workshop for our portfolio companies and the feedback was great. some of the companies decided to work with her closely to improve their pitches and presentation. We were very happy with her professionalism and work
Ornit Shinar, Dir. External Innovation, Lenovo
Donna is an energetic, straight shooter that knows how to bring out the essence of their thoughts out of the ramblings of any entrepreneur. Donna is a great resource to check you are getting your message out in a clear and powerful way.
Shlomit Hacohen, Founder and CMO
Donna is pure magic, she wrote our one-pager, and investor presentation, the process was so pleasant and quick, and the result - perfect.
Avigail Perl, Founder of CupCare
Donna is truly a pleasure to work with. She was extremely helpful in creating my business presentation for potential investors and partners. Donna helped me beyond just what she was hired for - she also helped with business connections, thinking of new ways to present and advance my start-up and she helped me gain confidence regarding my own ideas and how to present them properly. I couldn't achieve the goals I have without her support and professional assistance!

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