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Give me your numbers, facts & figures, bits & bytes and I'll put them through my magic filter and spin them into a golden story. Where you see data - I see a living, breathing, captivating story with the potential to drive people to action. And that's what storytelling is all about - not showing how good you are rather how great you can make them!

For over a decade I've roamed the globe working with Fortune 500 companies, Startups and Venture Capitalists in a wide variety of industries. I've consulted and trained clients in over 30 countries, helping them create, edit and deliver presentations, pitches and messages that sing. Through my guidance clients have raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

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My Services

I hear from startups that they spend anywhere from 40-400 hours on investor materials. Don’t you have better things to do with your time? In about 2 hours - let me give you the perfect pitch!

The Investor Pitch Deck
The outline, flow, content and even your script for the ultimate investor pitch Read More
The One Pager (ES)
Pique their interest before they even meet you - the page that gets you the Investor meeting
The Quick-Pitch
Be prepared to pitch whether standing online to get coffee, in a Demo Day or competition - 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes - be ready for them all!
The Show
Have a great story? Now let’s get you to shine. Whether it’s an investor meeting, a speech at a conference or a TED talk, become the speaker you’ve always dreamed of being. Read More
The Product Film
The perfect 1 minute script that gets you noticed. I work with some of the best animators and together we’ll get you looking your best Read More
The Applications
Applying to accelerators, incubators, competitions or conferences and struggling with the “120 character limit?” and what to say? Let me say it for you... Read More
Web and App Content
Grab your customer's’ attention with copy that’s clever and compelling, on your site and/or in your app
The LinkedIn
One of the first placed people will look for you today is on Linkedin. Does your bio make you stand out or just state the facts? Let’s get your LinkedIn Profile linked up Read More
The Sales/Partner Pitch
You’re funded! Time to grow and get your initial customers/partners onboard
Your Story
Have a story to tell? Dream of speaking at conferences, giving workshops, being on stage and inspiring millions? Let me help you tell your story

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The Next Web
"This list of “100+ Amazing Female Speakers” from the world of business and technology, includes well-known keynote speakers, international names, and rising stars..."

"Donna Griffit says entrepreneurs need to find the right pitch for their start-ups."

The Times of Israel
"Donna has helped something to the tune of 500 startup companies get really really really good (yeah – she’s that good) at crafting and delivering their messages."

Tech River
“I have personally witnessed her turn a stumbling, bumbling, unfocused, and boring pitch into a spell-binding story presented with confidence – within half an hour!"

The Strong women club
"Donna Griffit, Corporate Storyteller,has worked globally for over a decade with Fortune 500 companies, Start-Ups and investors in a wide variety of industries."

"A process like this is very valuable. There are questions that will come up eventually with one investor or another so do yourself a favor, go through the entire invisu process."

The Street
"The founder of Invisu, Donna Griffit, spent the last several years helping Israeli start-ups tells their stories in a more engaging way. She then integrated her expertise into Invisu."

Startup Beat
"Griffit says that she is “excited and proud to provide the startup community with a tool to streamline their storytelling and fundraising process"

Founder Stories
"Through my guidance clients have raised hundreds of millions of dollars."

Barry Mueller
“People are a lot more alike than you would have thought… People [around the world all] have same fears of public speaking.”